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Bordeaux's second big grape variety, and the one most widely planted in the region. Right-bank wines tend to be Merlot based, with big names such as Petrus and L'Evangile making 100% Merlot wines. Merlot is also incredibly popular in the USA where due to positive health reports on the benefits of red wine, it has been embraced by all and sundry. Merlot of some quality can be found in most wine producing countries, even is it is used simple to soften its bigger brother Cabernet Sauvignon.

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Red Wine
Catalpa ASSEMBLAGE 2016
Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Merlot

Hints of violets on the nose, red fruits and a touch of cocoa and chocolate leads to a complex and voluptuous palate with firm silky tannins and a long finish. Delightful.

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