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Burgundy's great red grape which is now making a serious impact in the New World is responsible for arguably the world's most expensive red wines. Relatively light bodied, its power lies in its complexity. Flavours of raspberries and violets when young build up to rich strawberries, cherries and a unique vegetal (often referred to as 'farmyard') character when older. Only the best examples should be aged for more than a few years due to the wines low tannin content. A tricky grape to master, its classic description of 'iron fist in a velvet glove' aptly refers to the wines complexity and power whilst offering a seductively smooth quality and vibrant fruit content.

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Red Wine
Trentham Estate PINOT NOIR 2016
Pinot Noir
Body: a - Light
Ready to drink

This offers soft, red berry fruit against a very subtle background of spicy oak, an attractive edge of spice, supple mouthfeel, gentle, ripe flavour and a succulent, soft finish.

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