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Vital is a white Portuguese wine grape variety that is grown primarily in Western Portugal. Sometimes known under the synonym Malvasia Corado, the variety tends to produce rather neutral flavour wine with low acidity unless the grape is grown in vineyards of high altitude.
Another common synonym in the Lisboa VR of the former Estremadura Province is Malvasia Fina though ampelographers are not sure if Vital is related to the Malvasia grown widely in Italy, Greece and throughout Europe. One key difference that ampelographers note is that the shape of the leaves of Vital and the various Malvasia species tend to be very different. Even in the Douro DOC there is a Malvasia Fina used in Port wine production that may or may not be the same variety as Vital.

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White Wine
Casal Figueira ANTONIO 2015
Portugal :: Lisboa
Sweetness: 2 - Dry
Ready to drink

From the 2012 vintage, Marta is making one white wine (Antonio), where there were previously two (Antonio and Vinhas Velhas).

So now, all at least old Vital vines, but some that are truly ancient, form this single cuvée. An immensely stylish (but not stylised) coiled spring. Terrific with simple seafood, from Sea Bass to Mussels.

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