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This area has been classified as a D.O. (Denonominación de Origen, the Spanish equivolent of Appellation Contrôlée) since 1990. Temeratures can be extreme in both winter and summer. Because of its young age the area is yet to really take the wine world by storm so prices are very much on the value side.
Consisting of about 8000 hectares, the vast majority (about 70%) is planted with Garnacha (or Grenache), with Tempranillo and Macabeo the remaining red varieties plus a little of the white Bobal also present.

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Red Wine
Floris Legere ALAVIANA 2015
Spain :: Calatayud
Grenache/Garnacha, Syrah/Shiraz
Body: c - Medium
Ready to drink

Crunchy, bright fruit with a touch of oak and soft tannins.

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Tann's Premium GIN
Spain :: Calatayud

From Spain, launched in 1977, the gin used to have a pronounced juniper taste according to their website. As times and tastes have altered, the gin has changed and is now produced from 100% grain neutral spirit which combines juniper and a further nine botanicals which are triple distilled to give it a refined and modern appeal.

The botanicals used to make Tann’s are juniper berries, coriander seeds, cucumber, rose petals, cardamom, mandarin peel, orange blossom, lemon peel, liquorice root, and raspberry. This drinks quite soft and sweet and probably should be avoided by those who prefer classic London Dry's.

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Spain :: Calatayud

A Japanese inspired gin made with rice based spirit, juniper and botanicals such as dragon fruit, kumquat, citrus and ginger.

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