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Agiorgitiko (Greek: Αγιωργίτικο; also known as Aghiorghitiko) is a red Greek wine grape variety that, as of 2012, was the most widely planted red grape variety in Greece, ahead of Xynomavro. The grape has traditionally been grown in the Nemea region of the Peloponnese but can be found throughout the country including Attikí (Attica) and Makedonía (Macedonia).
One of the more commercially important indigenous Greek varieties, it can exhibit a wide range of characteristics, from soft to very tannic, depending on factors in the growing and winemaking processes. The grape is typically made as a varietal, though it is notably blended with Cabernet Sauvignon in the area around Metsovo to make the table wine traditionally called katoi. In the region of Nemea it is often made into rosés of oak-aged red wines. The wines are known for their high level of fruitiness but tend to lack some acidity and body.
The red wine produced from the grape is characteristically spicy with notes of plum. It has low acidity but good fruitiness and colouring.
Agiorgitiko is generally planted in dry, infertile soil to encourage the production of fewer but more concentrated grapes, ripening after mid-September.

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Red Wine
Papaioannou SAINT GEORGE Agiorgitiko 2019
Body: c - Medium
Ready to drink

Perfumed crushed red berries with an overlay of sweet spice. Medium-weight soft and succulent with gentle tannins, bright, pure fruit and immense drinkability.

Shop Price: £16.99
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Rosé Wine
Papaioannou ROSE Agiorgitiko 2019
Ready to drink

Pleasant rose from Agiorgitiko, made to accompany appetisers and light meats. Cool, typical fruity flavours, beautiful acidity and a hint of tannins that are valuable in combination with meat.

Shop Price: £17.99
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