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Criolla Grande (also known as Criolla and Criolla Grande Sanjuanina) is a red wine grape commonly found in Argentina. It is different from the Chilean wine grape Pais, also known as Criolla Chica, but ampelographers believe that both grapes share a common parent, and it is now listed as a crossing of Mission and Muscat of Alexandria. As of 2006, Criolla was the third most widely planted Argentine wine grape (22,500 hectares) after Cereza (30,000 hectares) and the more widely exported Malbec (24,400 hectares). It is primarily found in the Mendoza region. The grape has pink skin, which is thicker than in its Chilean cousin, Pais, and is used to produce deeply coloured white wine. It is sometimes used to produce a light coloured rosé.

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Rosé Wine
Recoleta Criolla ROSADO 2019
Argentina :: Mendoza
Criolla Grande
Ready to drink

Pale pink with a delightfully fruity, floral nose and a refreshing summer fruit pudding palate, this is simplicity itself and is all the better for it. Made from Criolla Grande (the larger berried, thiner-skinned relative of Criolla Chica) and part of our burgeoning enthusiasm for this lesser-known family of varietals. Thank you, Mauricio Lorca, lovely job!

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