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Feteasca Regala is a light-skinned grape variety found throughout Eastern Europe, and in particular in Romania.
Feteasca Regala is widespread throughout the center of Romania, and in particular in the Dealu Mare and Transylvania regions. It is well suited to a continental climate, as it can withstand extremes of temperature in summer and winter. It requires ample rainfall and does not perform well in drought-prone areas, and it is susceptible to botrytis bunch rot.

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White Wine
Legend of Dracula Feteasca Regala 2018
Feteasca Regala
Sweetness: 2 - Dry
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Fetească Regală (or Royal Maiden in English) is the Royal grape exclusive to Romania. It is a cross between two grape varieties – Fetească Albă and Grasă de Cotnari and again originates from Transylvania. Regală has the aromatic quality of Fetească Albă but is a weightier grape with more body.
The Regală also has a citrusy edge to its character with lots of orange and lemony fruit. Fetească Regală works well with oak and can produce bigger wines with a slightly spicy finish.

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