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Friulano (formerly Tocai Friulano and also known as Sauvignonasse or Sauvignon Vert) is a grape variety most famous for its role in the white wines of Friuli, northeastern Italy. These wines, usually varietal, are lively and fruity with notes of citrus, florality and almond, and often a touch of minerality.

The variety has no known connection with Sauvignon Blanc (or its Sauvignon Gris mutation) although the pair were occasionally confused both in the vineyard and the winery. Wines from Sauvignon Blanc, however, tend to be more aromatic with more gooseberry and blackcurrant characters.

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White Wine
Cormons FRIULIANO 2021
Italy :: North East Italy :: Friuli-Venezia Giulia
Sweetness: 2 - Dry
Ready to drink

Aroma of hazelnuts with scents of almond and fragrant dried flowers. The palate is elegant, full, smooth with roasted almonds and walnuts with a dry and silky finish

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