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A full-bodied variety with an attractive nutty flavour. Much used in Umbria in wines such as Orvieto, it can make some rather good quality whites.

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White Dessert
Crociani VIN SANTO di Montepulciano 2018
Italy :: Tuscany
Grechetto, Malvasia Bianca
Sweetness: 8 - Medium Sweet
Ready to drink

A dessert wine made from choice white grapes of the Malvasia del Chianti and Pulcinculo (Grechetto Bianco) varieties, selected at harvest-time and are laid out to dry until the beginning of February. The storing and ageing of the wine then takes place in small oak barrels which impart flavours of sweet spice and vanilla to the finished wine. It is amber in colour, the aroma is intense with notes of ripe fruit and it is broad, velvety and mouth-filling on the palate.

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