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Prieto Picudo is a rare, dark-skinned red wine grape variety grown predominantly in and around its homeland of León, northern Spain. The variety is used to create both light rosés and deeply pigmented reds, and can be found as a single-variety wine or in blends with Tempranillo or Mencia.

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Raices Ibericas PRIETO PICUDO 2021
Spain :: Castilla y León
Prieto Picudo
Body: d - Medium to Full
Ready to drink

Prieto Picudo is a very rare, dark-skinned, red wine grape that grows primarily in its homeland of León, located in northern Spain. There are a little more than 4,000 hectares planted in Spain.
Dried cherry notes, rustic and chalky tannins, soft and ripe. A smooth and mellow red wine with a long finish and a degree of complexity.

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