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This ancient vinifera originates in Georgia and is one of the oldest grape varieties. In Georgia, clay vessels were found with seeds of Rkatsiteli grapes which date back to 3000 BC.

Rkatsiteli was popular in the Soviet Union prior to its fall and at one point was responsible for more the 18% of all Soviet wine production. There it was used to make everything from table wine to liqueurs to Sherry-like fortified wine. Prior to President Gorbachev's vine pull scheme, it was possibly the world's most widely planted white wine grape.

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White Wine
Ranina Kakhuri ORANGE Wine NV
Sweetness: 3 - Soft Dry
Ready to drink

The wine itself is a fantastic value introduction to Amber / Orange Wine, full bodied, with gently intense peach and dried apricot flavours. Exotic and mouthfilling with a dry and gently tannic finish, this can be drunk with a wide range of dishes, including roast chicken and mature cheeses.
The distinctive label is a tribute to traditional Georgian folk song.

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