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Viorica is a rare light-skinned white grape variety indigenous to the Stefan Voda wine-growing region of Moldova. Viorica is a hybrid grape made by crossing the two red grape varieties Seibel and Aleatico, and paradoxically the result is a white grape. It is a symbol of the Moldovian white wines mainly used in the production of local sparkling and table wines since 1969. Viorica is traditionally vinified off-dry or semi-sweet, giving birth to truly unique and distinguished wines. The grape variety has a strong personality with floral, citrus, and spicy aromas, sometimes also has a touch of honey. It is unfortunately planted only in Moldova, and it is consumed within the country.

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White Wine
Chateau Purcari VIORICA 2019
Sweetness: 3 - Soft Dry
Ready to drink

Viorica wine is made entirely from Viorica grapes, harvested manually and vinified by the traditional method. The white wine Viorica de Purcari is a sensory explosion: it has the aroma of acacia and basil flowers, it is fresh, easy and memorable. The golden color, with bright amber shades, is complemented wonderfully with its balanced and velvety taste and the fine taste of muscatel.

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