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Van Wees THREE Corners Gin

A. van Wees distillery de Ooievaar is best known for its Genevers, which is the last traditional Genever distillery in Amsterdam (well, so they say). In operation since the late 18th century, the distillery now has 18 different takes on the traditional Dutch spirits, and more than a few gins as well. Three Corner Dry Gin is something of a curiosity owing to its rather lean botanical bill. Simply lemon and juniper, its an apt exploration for students of gin looking to focus on learning the ways different botanicals taste in isolation, but more than that, despite its simplicity it’s a rather versatile gin with a rather distinctive flavor to boot.

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Zuidam Dutch Courage Dry GIN

Full throttle Genever, at 44.5%, this will indeed give you plenty of Dutch courage.

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Bobby's SCHIEDAM Dry GIn

Owner Sebastiaan van Bokkel describes Bobby’s Schiedam Dry Gin as Dutch Courage mixed with Indonesian spice. We agree – Bobby’s is an exotic and contemporary Gin that is sure to have heads turning.Bobby’s Gin is multilayered and soft on the nose – there is no spiritedness’ yet it is incredibly fragrant. Lemongrass and rosehips burst on the nose in an intoxicatingly exotic mix. Complex clove and coriander seed flavours follow up these elements once tasted, with a refreshing zing from the lemongrass joining in. The juniper anchors the gin while cubebs linger long after the sip has disappeared.

The Gin works well in a Gin & Tonic but is easy to imagine working well in a multitude of cocktails, especially, re-interpretations of classic Genever based punches.

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