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White Wine
Kloster Eberbach 'Crescentia' Baiken RIESLING 2015
Sweetness: 2 - Dry
Ready to drink

Aromas of apple, a little elderberry, mineral, some blackcurrant and riesling perfume. Dry taste, clear minerality, apple and citrus, high acidity, and an aftertaste dominated by minerality. Relatively young

Shop Price: £20.99
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ASBACHT Original 3 years

Asbach's popular 3 year old German grape brandy, formerly known as 'Uralt', is matured in Limousin oak casks and has a fruity, tangy character

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Elephant GIN

An African-themed gin. The gin combines African botanicals with traditional juniper and orange peel, resulting in a spirit that’s floral, fruity, spicy and herbaceous.

Shop Price: £34.99
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Ferdinands's SAAR Quince Genever
Germany :: Mosel :: Saar

Served chilled on its own, this Quince Gin is an ideal replacement for desert wines, especially if paired with apple crumble alongside a cheese board (Manchego especially). Because it is not technically a Gin (it’s not over 37.5% ABV) expect to see some name changes to comply with regulation, but whatever the final name written on the bottle is – seek this out, it is well worth it! Ridiculous and delicious.

Shop Price: £43.95
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Monkey 47 Schwarzwald Dry Gin
Germany :: Baden-Württemberg

This eye catching medicine bottle is produced from the use of no less than 47 botanicals from the Black Forest in Germany. The taste is most remarkable, complex and very satisfying. The inclusion of cranberries works a treat. . A great success since its launch 2 years ago. 47%!

Shop Price: £43.99
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Ferdinands SAAR Dry Gin

The Recipe of our Riesling-Infused Ferdinand's Saar Dry Gin is an homage to the fruitful landscape of the Saar-Region. Over 30 finely balanced botanicals mainly from our own cultivation or regional grown in combination with the finest Riesling grapes of the large Saarburger Rausch gurantee a maximum drinking pleasure.

Shop Price: £49.95
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