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A candidate for the most underrated variety in the wine world today. Usually associated with Germany and Alsace this much abused grape can make all manner of white wine, from sparkling to dessert. Its character can vary from fresh apple to petrol-like aromas and flavours. Its continued re-emergence is due to the wine public's realisation of its quality which had long been doubted mainly due to the influx of (often non-Riesling related) German wines of questionable quality. Now becoming a major variety in New Zealand and Australia.

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White Wine
Amalaya Vina Blanco De Altura 2020
Riesling, Torrontes
Sweetness: 4 - Off Dry
Ready to drink

All the Amalaya wines are fruit driven in style, with a finesse that unites them. The trophy winning Torrontes/Riesling is silky on the palate, refreshing and bursting with aromas of citrus, blossom and grapefruit.

Shop Price: £12.99
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