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Les Brasseurs de Gayant

In France last summer I was urged by my father-in-law to try some local beers which I thoroughly enjoyed.

On my return to the UK I looked up the brewery ‘Les Brasseurs de Gayant’ who base their know-how on tradition and their efficiency on a policy of sustained innovation. Passion for their craft leads them to favour quality over quantity, always in the pursuit of authenticity and new taste sensations. So, I shipped some samples.

This resulted in a tasting – the panel consisted of 8 beer enthusiasts (5 male and 3 female) who were all asked to mark the beers based on general quality and value for money. When totting up the results there were four stand-out beers which Martinez is now shipping as their first UK beer agency.

Now available online, these beers are:



4.5%, 75cl bottles

Unfiltered seasoned wheat beer with a fruity and acidulous flavour. This is a beer that undergoes two successive processes of top fermentation. The use of wheat results in a product with an excellent head and an opalescent patina. This beer is acidulous, troubled, refreshing, spiced, to be consumed chilled and preferably in thick-rimmed glass. Some connoisseurs prefer to add a slice of lemon. Its exceptional quality garnered it the "World Selection" gold medal in Paris in 1994.

La Goudale

La Goudale

7.2%, 33cl bottles

Blond old-style beer brewed in the region during the Middle Ages, Goudale is a lager beer of top fermentation. Its light taste of special malts, flavored with Flemish hops and aromas from top fermentation, give Goudale all of its character and balance. It is golden, dense, tasty and long in the mouth.

St Landelin Blonde

St Landelin Blonde

5.9%, 75cl bottles

Top fermentation beer brewed according to the tradition of abbey beers: water, special malts, English-style hops, spices such as coriander and bitter orange rind, and naturally the skill of the master brewer. A beer with a fruity flavour, well-rounded body and a delicate aroma. It is a light beer, thanks to its long lager storage period.

La Divine

La Divine

8.5%, 33cl bottles

La Divine de St Landelin is a high density beer brought to us by high fermentation with specially selected yeasts. After a prolonged storage period the beer is packaged in a traditional swing-top cap. La Divine de St Landelin has fruity, woody and caramel aromas as well as a certain bitterness persistent upon the palate. Its smooth and delicate taste can be discovered throughout your tasting.

Visit our store and bar or now purchase online using the product links.

Jonathan Cocker, Martinez Wines